1209 E.9th Street - Mountain Home, Arkansas

(870) 425-5419

OUR MISSION: To Glorify God and Proclaim His Kingdom

through worship, prayer, love, education, evangelism, and service to our fellow man.

Pastor's Page

by: Pastor Gary Robert Tubb


I am glad that you found this page. You are not here by accident.

You are trying to find out something about us before you come to visit.

Find out all you can and come visit us this Sunday.


You will find that we are a wide-ranging group who worship and minister

together. The worship of the GOD (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is our

central focus. We believe that one must profess Jesus the Christ in order

for salvation to occur.


We are a congregation of varied denomination backgrounds, but we gather

together under the denominational banner of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Our congregation is well represented in the community. We have those who have

been in the area for 40 or more years to those who are just moving to the area. We

have those who are still active in the marketplace and those who have been retired for several years. We have children and youth as well.


Come and see us. Worship with us. Join us and allow the Lord to direct you in your place of service here. You will be welcome here, for we believe the presence of the Lord is in our place of worship and we serve Him daily.

2016  Fellowship Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Email: info@fellowshipcumberland.org


1209 East 9th Street • Mountain Home, AR 72653 • P.O. Box 886


(870) 425-5419



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